When it comes to finding the perfect place to relax on the south coast of Tenerife, it doesn’t get much better than Costa Adeje. This resort offers fantastic accommodation, beautiful beaches, sumptuous restaurants and designer shopping to fill up your holiday hours. It’s also well located close to a number of the island’s other attractions, offering plenty of opportunities to explore the whole area on a week-long break in Tenerife.

Day 1 – Get to know the resort

Day 1

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you arrive in Costa Adeje is getting your bearings and find out what’s right on your doorstep. A great way to do this is by taking a stroll along the promenade. This fantastic walkway presents an easy option for taking everything in, from the beaches of Playa Fanabe and Playa del Duque to the restaurants scattered along its length. Part of the path is known locally as the Geranium Promenade, which is a fitting tribute to its picturesque nature and the many flowers that bloom close by.

While you’re getting to know the resort, be sure to stop by Restaurante Sebastian on Calle Antonio Navarro in the top end of town. It’s well worth the ten-minute walk out of your way and is likely to be a place you return to, due to the superior quality of the food. In fact, it’s recommended that you enjoy a selection of tapas and salads for lunch on your first day and pre-book a paella for later on in your visit. It’s open late in the evenings, so it makes for a great dinner after a day of sightseeing outside of the resort or lounging on the beach close to your hotel.

Just because Costa Adeje isn’t as big on nightlife as the likes of nearby Playa de las Americas doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to do in the evenings. Make your way to Calle Colon and wander along the street listening to the sounds of live music coming from the doorways of the many bars. You’re likely to hear anything from pop to reggae to heavy metal, all performed by talented local musicians ready to get you into the holiday mood.

Day 2 – Sample the best of both worlds on Costa Adeje’s beaches

Day 2

The choice of beaches in Costa Adeje is black and white – quite literally. One is a classic volcanic masterpiece, which has been created naturally by the island’s dark stone, while the other features golden sand imported from the Sahara. They both have their charms and neither should be dismissed, so be sure to spend time at both Playa Fanabe and Playa del Duque during your stay.

Rock up on either of these stretches of sand and you’ll find all the amenities you could need. This includes sun loungers, beach bars and Blue Flag statuses, meaning you can swim knowing the waters are clean and safe. If you want to be a bit more energetic, the extensive list of water sports on offer will get you in the sea and learn a new skill in no time.

One experience not to miss while at Playa Fanabe is Gelateria Exotica, a lovely family-run café that serves up the best Italian ice cream for miles around. The coffee’s pretty good too, making it a must-visit break from sunbathing.

You don’t have to stray far from Playa Fanabe in the evening to find an exceptional meal. The house special fillet steak at Coeur de filet does not disappoint, although there is many dishes on the French, Italian and Mediterranean fusion menu that may take your fancy.

Day 3 – Hike the Barranco del Infierno

Day 3

By the third day, you’ll be keen to get out of the resort and discover what’s of interest in the surrounding area. Also, it’s a good time to stretch your legs, so a hike to a local area of natural beauty will tick all the boxes for day three.

Barranco del Infierno translates as Hell’s Gorge, but despite its rather dramatic title, is a beautiful ravine, full of flora and fauna, which leads to the tallest waterfall on Tenerife.

In order to spend time exploring this incredible destination, it’s important to be organised well in advance. Only 300 people a day are granted permission to walk the gorge, so secure your spot prior to your holiday to avoid disappointment. It costs €8 (£6.84) for entry into the Barranco del Infierno Special Nature Reserve for visitors, although children up to the age of 12 are admitted for half price.

Be sure that you’re also well equipped with appropriate walking shoes, sunscreen, additional layers, wet weather clothing and plenty of water. You may want to stop by one of the regular markets in Costa Adeje and pick up some provisions for a picnic. Local Canarian cheese and some fresh bread make for a great lunch option – all you need to do is pick the perfect spot during your walk.

Entry into the park is permitted between 8 am and 2.30pm but bear in mind the hottest parts of the day for walking. All trekkers must have exited the gorge by 6 pm when Barranco del Infierno officially closes. Equipped with this information you can set off on your hike.

Start in the town of Adeje, which offers splendid views of the surrounding area. From here you will walk up Calle de los Molinos and follow the old pastoral trail. This will take you past a number of viewpoints, so be sure to stop and soak up the vistas, as well as points of interest, such as an old mill. Eventually, you will find yourself at the riverbed, with the gorge’s walls flanking you on either side, making it easy to determine your route from them onwards.

Along the way, you’re likely to see a wide variety of plants and animals native to Tenerife. These include thorn bushes, dragon trees and wild jasmine, as well as sparrow hawks, turtledoves and single-coloured swifts. After around three and a half hours of trekking, you can expect to reach the 200-metre tall waterfall. A beautiful reward for all your efforts.

Either return to Costa Adeje for the evening or opt to have a meal in the town of Adeje and whet your appetite for more of an exploration the next day. Restaurante Otelo is conveniently located on Calle los Molinos where you took up the trail to head into the gorge and offers food as outstanding as its views. The dishes are traditionally Canarian and the garlic chicken comes highly recommended.

Day 4 – Discover the old town of Adeje

Day 4

Head back to the town of Adeje the following day for a spot of relaxed exploration. It’s a ten-minute drive away from Costa Adeje for those who have hired a car, but fear not if you want to take public transport, as the 447 bus leaves every half an hour and takes just 15 minutes. The bus departs from the Poniente stop, which is very central, as well as the Estacion de Guaguas, just outside of the resort.

Once in Adeje, you’ll find plenty of places to catch your attention around the pretty centre. The town hall has a fine internal courtyard with good examples of intricate Canarian woodworking craftsmanship. Just next door is a fascinating church, which dates back to the 17th century. What’s most unusual about Iglesia de Santa Ursula is that it has not one, but two aisles. Be sure to raise your gaze to the galleries above, as they are of a high quality and are where noble families would traditionally opt to sit.

Along the main street is a fortified mansion that one such dynasty occupied. Its residents owned sugar cane plantations, earning them a fortune so vast that the house is said to have been attacked by pirates on more than one occasion. This, therefore, justifies the impressive walls and even, perhaps, the cannon that can be seen close by.

There is no shortage of places to dine in Adeje, with several quaint bars, restaurants and cafes on this street alone. Check out Restaurante Oasis or Bodegon Damary, which serve up the local speciality of spicy chicken. While there are other dishes on the menu, such as rabbit stew and the wrinkly potatoes that the Canary Islands are famous for, it can be harder to find something suitable for vegetarians at these two establishments.

Day 5 – Hit the fairway or the waterslides

Day 5

Holidays are all about relaxing, but it’s safe to say that everyone goes about it in different ways. There are many options when it comes to the area surrounding Costa Adeje, depending on your idea of a chilled activity. Among the selection on offer are golf clubs and water parks, so take your pick for the fifth day of your trip.

With Golf Costa Adeje on the doorstep, this world-class course could not be more convenient for enthusiasts of the sport holidaying in this part of Tenerife. With 27 holes, beautiful landscaping and stunning views of the neighbouring island of La Gomera a few very relaxing rounds can be played here. There’s even a golf school and driving range for those new to the pastime or just keen to improve their skills.

You’ll find restaurants in the clubhouse where golfers can refuel at lunchtime, but there is another option. Look out for green fee deals that include a buffet, as these represent great value for money and the selection of food on offer is extensive, to say the least. It even includes steaks cooked to order.

If golfing isn’t your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s another attraction incredibly close to Costa Adeje – Siam Park – perfect if your kids, or the big kids, are into water slides. It’s just a 20-minute walk from the centre of the resort and two minutes by car. Loads of buses leave regularly from Estacion de Guaguas, so you could hop on one of those instead. There’s also the free Siam Park shuttle bus that takes visitors from the resort to the attraction. It leaves every half an hour throughout the day and has its own stops – so look out for the signs.

Siam Park, which has a Thai theme, has something for everyone. From small flume rides for younger kids, water slides of all shapes and sizes, including vertical drops for the adrenaline junkies, a wave pool for surfers and a white sand beach for those keen to kick back while the rest of the families are enjoying themselves at full speed. Stand-out rides include Kinnaree, Mekong Rapids, The Volcano and The Dragon.

It’s the park’s policy that you’re not allowed to take food and drink in with you, so no picnic today. However, there are lots of outlets inside for you to choose from when it comes to eating lunch. If you can tear the kids away from the slides for long enough, you can treat them to a burger and chips, hot dog or crepe. It’s the usual theme park fare but will be enough to replenish energy for the afternoon.

Day 6 – Venture beneath the waves on a submarine safari

Day 6

On the last full day of your holiday, it’s time to do something really special – go on a submarine safari. These incredible excursions set off from Puerto Deportivo, a 20-minute drive from Costa Adeje. You can also get there by bus, with the numbers 110, 470 and 467 all dropping off nearby, but you’ll need to do a little walking and a one-way trip can take around an hour.

Upon arrival, you’ll be able to board an incredible submarine, which will take you 30 metres below the waves in the Atlantic Ocean. This is the domain of barracudas, stingrays and a whole host of fish in every colour of the rainbow. Sitting on the seabed, the submarine opens up this entire world to you, with stunning views through the giant portholes. An English-speaking guide will commentate on everything that you can see, making it educational, as well as beautiful. The kids will also love the personalised certificate they get at the end to say they have had the experience.

Returning to Costa Adeje, put on your best holiday outfit and see out your final evening in style. Restaurante Torre del Mirador has a location that’s hard to beat with stunning views out over Playa del Duque and out to the ocean beyond. The food is classic Canarian and Spanish staples, with some fantastic meat and seafood dishes available. There is nightly entertainment and the opportunity to dance under the stars.

Day 7 – Fill your suitcase with designer purchases

Day 7

One of the best pieces of advice for travelling to Costa Adeje is to not overfill your suitcase on the way out, as it’s bound to go back jam-packed. That’s because it’s a fantastic place to go shopping. Forget fridge magnets or the other clichéd items people take home from many holidays, the purchases you make here will be top class.

Spend your final day in Costa Adeje at the Plaza del Duque Mall, which is home to the only Cartier shop on the island. You’ll also find outlets for the likes of Apriori, Jofre and Escada, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sorting out a new wardrobe. The mall is a great place to buy perfume, as it’s duty-free. If you’re less inclined to go for the big names, there’s also a number of boutiques that are just as luxurious in their outlook as the ones you’ll have heard of.

There are several places to eat at the mall as well, so you don’t have to abandon your shopping when hunger strikes. You can get everything from crepes, sushi and snacks to multi-course meals in upmarket surroundings.