Dreamy coastal flats, jaw-dropping winding roads, dense mountainside terrain – the Majorca cycling map is varied and there are some exceptional routes to conquer.

Let us paint you a picture of the top Majorca cycle routes…

  1. Sa Calobra
  2. Coll de Sóller
  3. Puig Major
  4. Cap de Formentor
  5. Tramuntana Mountains

Sa Calobra

The road to Sa Calobra is a great place to start in Majorca and it’s a Bradley Wiggins fave! Bonus. If you begin in Pollensa, you should anticipate a 92km round trip, though you can cut things down to 47km and ride from Lluc. It’s up to you. Whichever you choose, you’ll be in for twisting roads and steep stretches that’ll put your calves to the test. The scenery is nothing shy of swoon-worthy, especially as you ascend the Tramuntana Mountains. Sa Calobra’s bay is also a gorgeous reward!


Coll de Sóller

You can start in central Sóller town or Puerto Sóller for this route. You might even want to pick the north or south side to tackle, as this one’s quite thrilling.

The 5km southern stretch is shorter and proves more popular, as the climb isn’t as steep. There are some hairpin bends to prepare for, but you’ll come up against other cyclists more so than cars, which means you can enjoy the vast views largely uninterrupted. Failing that, the twists and turns of the envelope-pushing, endurance-testing 7.4km northern section might tempt you! You’ll begin in Sóller and follow the impressive old road to Palma.


Puig Major

Puig Major – another route within the Tramuntana Mountains network that entices cyclists – is hailed the second-most popular among pedallers and pros. This epic loop will see you ride some of the most majestic elements of the mountain range, which covers a grand total of 138km. Incidentally, you’ll also pass the Sa Calobra turning here, so you could always double-up – that’s if you’re game for a BIG day!

You’ll kick things off in dreamy Puerto Pollensa and intersect various heavenly towns as you go. Of the lot, Bunyola’s ochre-splashed buildings and cute train station are worth a quick stop for a photo.


Cap de Formentor

At the eastern end of the Formentor peninsula, you’ll find the stunning Cap de Formentor. It’s renowned for its phenomenal panoramas and enchanting sunsets, but it gets a gold star from cyclists, too. Jutting cliffs, jagged limestone edges, leafy greenery – with surroundings like this, you’ll soon see the appeal for yourself.

Once you’ve planned your route, get ready for the dizzying heights you’ll witness from the lighthouse. With a distance of 36km and 960m elevation, this won’t be a walk in the park, but you’ll want to boss this taskmaster. The looping route promises Puerto Pollensa cycling at its finest.


Tramuntana Mountains

North Majorca’s two-wheel scene mostly encompasses the Tramuntana Mountains, so you won’t miss them while you’re there. You’ll be the champion of various Sóller and Pollensa cycling routes by the end of your trip.

On top of the main, most sought-after options we’ve noted, there are some other roads from Caimari and Andratx that’ll lead you on to the Tramuntana Mountains. Likewise, follow the almond trail from Alcudia.

Ready to take on these Majorca cycle routes? On your bike!