Head to the east coast of Cyprus and discover lovely Larnaca holidays. This little slice of paradise is perfect for a beach holiday, and even better for exploring.

To help you squeeze every last drop of culture, beauty and fun out of your trip, we’ve found all the top ten things to do in Larnaca. Whether it’s finding the very best beach on the island, or seeing historic monuments first hand, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our carefully-cultivated list of the best things to do in Larnaca.


Finikoudes Beach

With silky soft sands, a palm tree-lined promenade and unbelievably blue waters, Finikoudes beach is the Cypriot shore you always dreamed of. The central location and fantastic selection of amenities makes it a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike. Claim your sun bed in a prime spot, grab your favourite book and simply relax in the rays.

Zenobia Wreck

Rated among the diving community as one of the best wreck dives in the world, divers will struggle to find a more exciting underwater adventure. Sunk on her maiden voyage in 1980, the MS Zenobia ferry is now home to a whole host of marine life – it’s nothing short of mesmerising.


Larnaca Salt Lake

Nature lovers, gather round! This beautiful Salt Lake is home to thousands of colourful birds and is often tinged pink thanks to the huge flocks of flamingos that live here. Backed by rolling hills and impressive mountains, the Salt Lake is the perfect place to see Larnaca’s natural world in all its glory. For the very best pictures though, head here at sunset and see the reflection of the sun across the still waters.


Hala Sultan Tekke

Sitting on the western edge of Larnaca’s Salt Lake, you’ll find the beautiful Hala Sultan Tekke. The building was constructed over the course of 50 years in the late 18th-century and is a cherished Islamic monument, still used today for religious purposes. Head here to marvel at this structure, absorb the peaceful atmosphere and take in the views across the landscape and lake.


Saint Lazarus Church

For a slice of history, Saint Lazarus Church is hard to beat. Not only does it offer a fantastic example of 9th-century architecture, it’s of biblical importance too. It’s said to house the second tomb of Lazarus of Bethany, the man who was said to have been risen from the dead by Jesus. Before you head in, be sure to snap some pictures of the exterior. With a unique tower defining the skyline in this area, beautiful domed buildings and a colonnaded tunnel to boot, it sure is a looker.


Larnaca Castle

Sitting on the southern edge of the Finikoudes beach, this medieval fortress looks pretty impenetrable from the shore. But head inside the 12th-century structure and visit the museum to discover archaeological finds and historic artefacts from the local area. As you wander the ancient castle, you’ll learn about the history of the building, from its role in protecting the town harbour, through to its conversion to a prison in later years.


Larnaca Marina

Sitting in Larnaca Bay, the bustling marina is a hub of activity. With more than 400 boat moorings you can easily spend an evening wandering here, as the glistening white yachts bob on the water. With plenty of sea-facing bars and restaurants on the harbour, and lining the promenade behind Finikoudes beach, this is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the view over the water.

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McKenzie Beach

If you’re after plenty of space to chill out, catch some rays and play with the kids, then the sandy McKenzie beach is perfect for you! With plenty of cafés and shops nearby, you won’t have to go far for a refreshing drink in the sun. Any plane-spotters out there will also be in their element, as this beach is close to the airport, and many aircrafts can be seen cruising overhead.


Modern Larnaca as we know it, is built atop the ancient city of Kition. Dating all the way back to the 9th-century Phoenicians, the historic city was situated around the bustling harbour area. Now, you can see some of the remains of the lost city at a preserved archaeological site near the bustling harbour. Take a moment away from the glitzy yachts and learn more about the ancient civilization that provided the foundations for the city we see today.


Kamares Aqueduct

Stretching from the edge of Larnaca, the Kamares Aqueduct is a gorgeous historic landmark. Built in the 18th-century, it was once used to carry water into the city from a source more than 10km away. Now, about 20 arches remain, and you can walk alongside them on a raised bridge which leads to the nearby Salt Lake. At night, the aqueduct is even more beautiful, as it’s lit up from below, creating a rich glow. Don’t forget your camera whenever you visit!